Book of Kells Motif
Nancy - Defoite Guitars Book of Kells Motif
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Tech Info
Zen Sticks Motif
Martin OO-15 . Zen Sticks Motif    Sold
Bethlehem Steel Motif
Martin 000-16SGT Bethlehem Steel Motif Sold
Fall Leaves Motif
Taylor 355 12 String Autumn Leaf Motif
Celtic Motif

Irish OM Guitar Celtic Motif       Returned to Luthier

Abstract Motif
Martin Guitars D15S Abstract Motif Sold
Black on Wood Abstract
Larrivee Parlor Abstract Motif Sold
Tan on Carbon Top
Rainsong Parlour 00 Reverse Abstract Motif Sold
Cree Mandolin Organic Motif
Tacoma Mandolin
Tacoma Mandolin Abstract Motif   Sold
Violin Abstract Motif
Violin 2 Abstraction
Violin Sticks Motif
Violin 1 Zen Sticks Motif Sold
Deering Banjo Carved Headstock Seedpod Motif   Sold
Banjo Seedpod Motif
Cello Organic Motif
Maternal Cello Abstract Anatomy
Harp Abstract Motif
Irish Lap Harp Abstraction  
Banjo Japanese Wave Motif
Deering Banjo Japanese Wave Sold     .610.759.7003
To Buy or Commission an Instrument contact ... 610.759.7003
Larivee Leaf Motif
Larrivee OM 03 MT Sycamore Leaf Motif Sold 
Larivee Leaf Motif
Larrivee OM-03 Leaf Motif ..Sold
Martin D 28 Sticks Motif Sold
Martin D28 Sticks Motif
RadioTone Leaf Motif
1925 Stella RadioTone Leaf Motif Sold
Derek's Dreadnought Body Only
Alvarez Baritone     Leaf Motif   Sold
2007 Martin Custom - Peter Cree  Anasazi Guitar
Sold at Christie's Green Auction
Peter Cree's Anasazi Guitar for Martin Guitar

2009 - Mix Mandolin Leaf Motif  Sold

Mix Mandolin
2008 - Cree Mandolin Stix Motif with Coral Sold
Mandolin Cree Stix Motif
Fish Motif Guitar with Josephine Coniglio pool painting
2008 Commissioned Guitar Fish Motif shown w/ painting by Josephine Coniglio Sold
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