Repair and Restoration

Any wood furniture can be repaired with care and expertise.   From everyday items such as kitchen chairs, dining room tables,desks to museum quality heirlooms.   I do it all.

Call to ask about your project.  We'll discuss what needs to be done.  You then bring the piece to me for a written bid.

Arrangements can be made for pick up and delivery or home evaluations.


Art Guitars / Acoustic finishes


Call for price!  Reducing inventory.

Synergy harp guitar sale!  Carbon fiber instruments from Ireland.

Using dry artists pigment in shellac and sometimes, lacquer , I make fine art acoustic finishes.   At about 100 hours per top, these "paintings" come in at 2mils thin!   This process usually enhances the tops vibration and are often an improvement to the instruments sound.




Currently we are working on a new group of "mid-century" and contemporary furniture.

Specializing in smaller pieces such as side tables,coffee tables and presentation bowls.  All will be made with excellent woods from local sources that exceed any other "catalogue" companies. 

Detachable legs make for easy shipping.  You'll be able to buy these here,on-line.

Stay tuned for our first products.


Painting Restoration

I also restore paintings (mostly oil on canvas) and other art objects.   Cleaning, patching holes, varnishing, in-painting and remounting on small to medium sized works are all done here at the studios.  Also frame restoration and gilding are a specialty.  Maintaining family portraits, is a must.  Good stewardship of an artists hard work , is a responsibility.